Author: Champkalski

Why Whigs Win & Are Winners!!!

It is the eve before the kick off of what is expected to be the birth of a legendary dynasty. The likes of it has never been seen before its as if this team was crafted by fantasy gods that have risen from the depths to fight for freedom & fairness but most importantly is there slogan of #JustWin! It’s so simple so nonchalant, #JustWin pretty much says it all.  Why Whigs win? There are a million reasons why the Whigs win. One is there foundation a foundation built on amazing drafts, no nonsense trades, budgeting skills that CPA’s only dream of having, leadership skills most world leaders would love to have, understanding what needs to be understood, never backing down from a fight, & most importantly is there slogan of #JustWin. Why are all Whigs winners? There is a billion reasons why the Whigs are winners. To really answer this question you must first WIN! Whigs know nothing less then always winning at everything!! Whigs are winners because its in there blood, there DNA, the confidence of Whigs, there knowledge of everything fantasy, there will to win & the Slogan of #JustWin is the reason all Whigs are winners. To be a Whig you must take an orientation into the brotherhood of The Whig Lifestyle!!!

Best of Luck to you fools!! You might as well as make the check out to Hot Shot & Trigger for the next 10 years!!!!!



From Hot Shot & Trigger!!!!